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12 Valentines Day Dessert Ideas

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Valentine’s Day is the day for expressing affection for your loved ones by showering them with store bought Sweetheart’s candies, chocolate bonbons, and floral bouquets; however, it’s also a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your affection with a more personal touch by displaying your baking and decorating skills in the form of homemade cakes, cookies, brownies and more. I've found the perfect sweet recipes for you to say just how you feel. But first, fun fact: in Japan women traditionally gift men with confections on February 14 and men gift the ladies with candies in March. All over the world Valentine’s Day has become known as a day of love. I hope this post filled with lovely bake-spiration ideas inspires you to make some for the one you love.

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1. Raspberry Chocolate Heart Tart

If you're pressed on time yet want to create a show-stopping dessert in under 25 minutes, this tart will have your sweetie singing your praises for days to come.

2. Rice Cereal Treat Candy Hearts

Put your own sweet spin by writing personalized conversation hearts with these adorable candy coated rice crispy cereal treats.

3. Heart-Shaped Cake

Follow this fun and easy tutorial as it walks you step-by-step on how to create this heart shaped cake using a square and round cake pan. If you're like me and have cake pans of all shapes and sizes, you could also take the direct route and bake up this cake using a heart-shaped pan.

4. Valentine's Day Cookies from Reynolds® Kitchens

Reveal your inner artist by getting creative with Valentine's Day themed cookie designs using these perfectly themed cookie cutters. Follow this simple recipe that uses refrigerated sugar cookie dough and take the time this shortcut gives you to really express your devotion in your decorative choices.

5. Inside-Out Chocolate Strawberries

We're all familiar with chocolate covered strawberries; however, if you're looking for a unique twist on a classic favorite these will be sure to dazzle. My go to chocolate brand with all things baking is Ghirardelli and you can snag of bag of the semi sweet chocolate chips this recipe calls for from any major supermarket.

6. Cheesecake for Two

There's no better way to say you're a couple than this perfectly proportioned recipe for you and your sweetie. These beauties will bake up perfectly in a jumbo muffin tin that you can also use to bake up a batch of morning muffins...wink wink.

7. Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry White Chocolate Buttercream

If you want to tell your bae how well the two of you go together try this white chocolate and strawberry dessert. These delicious and luscious strawberry cupcakes will do it perfectly. For added flair dress up your tasty treats in these Valentines Day themed cupcake wrappers and toppers.

8. Pastel Marbled Hearts

You'll likely have all the ingredients on hand to make these tasty heart shaped sugar cookies STAT. Get creative with colors and patterns to yield your very own unique batch.

9. Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Hearts

More over strawberries, this decadent dessert leaves tastebuds satisfied and will have you and your love gazing at each other with emoji like heart eyes after.

10. Chocolate Cherry Merlot Brownies

Valentine's Day isn't all just about the chocolate. For us adults, a little wine is just as fine. Enjoy both by incorporating your favorite Merlot in this brownie batter to yield a batch of just-right boozy brownies. Who said adulting can't be fun and tasty?

11. Valentine Cake

This cake is worthy of being a centerpiece for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner. The recipe calls for using raspberries; however, you can easily swap them out for strawberries depending on your preference.

12. Valentine Chocolate Cookie Pops

Kids love saying I love you too. Help them express it while having fun by mixing up some cookie dough and creating these tasty treats. Decoration is where the heart is, so encourage them to be creative with it.

Enjoyed this post? Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

But if you don't see anything in this post that you like and you live in the Philadelphia area, feel free to take a look at our menu for the perfect treat delivered right to your loved ones door.

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